People Who Are Praying for Me

These are people who have told me they are praying for me. I know that there are people who do not pray but wish me well and think of me. There are those who pray for me but don't tell me. I know there are some who have told me but I have mistakenly left them out. I sincerely appreciate all those people. Knowing that there a lot of people praying for me comforts me so I like to see this list grow. If you are kind enough to pray for me please let me know. I would love to add you to the list.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

AJ, my son
Andrea Tibaldo and her parents Frank and Julie, long time friends
Andrea, an ex-colleague of my ex-wife
Andy and Adele Hahn, old friends
Angie, Trvis Poll's sister-in-law. And Angie's are very special prayers
Angie's mom, Angie is Travis Poll's sister-in-law
Anne, my sister and her husband Bob
Anonymous, the child of another patient who read my blog
Barbara, my aunt
Becky LaSalle, wife of Rob, another EC patient
Bess, my mother's friend
Bill E., a friend from high school, and his wife Kathy
Bob, my brother-in-law
Brian Rader, a team mate from my son's soccer days
Camille, my sister-in-law
Carlol and Ray Netschert, friends from long ago
Charles Wardlaw, my friend
Chemo Angels, a lot of them
Cheryl, my niece, and her husband Dan and children Tyler and Gianna
Chris, my chemo angel
Chrissy, my daughter's friend
Dale & Susan, neighbors from many years ago
Dan, a childhood friend
David, an old friend, and his sons Aidan and Thomas
Debbie, my ex-wife
Dennis and Carol Gebhart, my friends
Dianne, a friend in business
Dominic, Trish and Patty, our bankers
Doris, my mother’s friend
Drew Fascia, my son's friend
Eleanor (Joanne) Melhuish, my godmother
Ellen Erickson, a former colleague of my ex-wife and daughter of a former colleague of mine
Frank, a fellow cancer warrior am his wife Diana
Gail, my daughter's friend
Gene and Jane Rader, my friends
Ginnie, my mother’s friend
Grace and Frank, our neighbors and friends
Harriet, my mother
Heather, my daughter
Irene, Terry's and my friend
Jean and Frank Scaltrito, my mother's friends
Jennie, my mother’s friend
Jimmy, my ex-brother-law
Joan, my sister's long time friend
Jodi and Michele, my ex-nieces, although ex doesnt feel right
Joe and Theresa Pannuci, my friends
Joe Kahl, a childhood friend
John Castiglione, my friend
Kay, my mother’s friend
Kay, a fellow online gin player
Kris and Francis Visceglie, Terry's cousin and his wife
Larry and Marilee Alvey. Larry, a fellow EC patient, now has direct access so his prayers are very special.
Lauren Rodimer, my son's friend
Letty and Armand, Terry's cousins
Linda Blaustein, a dear friend
Lindsey, my son's girlfriend
Mandy and Travis, fellow warriors in the EC battle
Marny, wife and caregiver of Dale, an EC patient waiting for us on the other side
Maryrita, a co-worker
Matt, my son's friend, and his family
Michelle, my daughter's friend
Mike Puschack, a friend
Msgr. Kevin Flanagan, my ex-pastor
Msgr. Herb Tillyer, my pastor
Nancy O'Brien, my daughter's former teacher
Paola, my daughter's friend
Patrick Roche, an old friend
Patty, an internet friend
Paul H., another EC patient
Peggy, a friend from long ago
Peg Ryan, a friend
Rhonda, the wife of a friend from long ago
Rita, my mother’s friend
Rolinda, daughter of one of my heroes
Rose, my mother’s friend
Saffie, my wife's friend
Sandy, my ex-sister-in-law
Sarah M., my daughter's friend
Soheila, a business associate
Sonia and Bob, our neighbors and friends
Sr. Sylvia Berzinski, my angel
St. Peter the Apostle Congregation
St. Philamena Congregation
Stephanie, Mark Richardson's sister
Steve, a co-worker
Terry, my wife, my quality of life
Terry Z., our friend
Teri, my mother's friend
Tess, my mother-in-law
Tish, my daughter's friend and former co-worker
Trudy Kahl, my friend
Vince DiCostanzo, my friend
Vinnie, our neighbor